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Template: Please download the Sample Word Document:and write your article on it, then send us via registration form or email.


Abstract Critical Requirements:

Title: The abstract title should be 11 point Arial Narrow and bold.

Author name: Full name of the writer(s), Institution / Affiliation and Email .

Body: The abstract itself should be in 9 point, not bold, single spaced with Arial Narrow font and should be up to 250 words long. The abstract should be fully justified.

Keywords: Arial Narrow, 9 point.

Language: English


Full Paper Critical Requirements:

Font Size and Type: 9-pt. Arial Narrow

Line Spacing: Single-space throughout the paper, including the title page,abstract, body of the document, references, appendixes, footnotes, tables, and figures.

Spacing after Punctuation: Space once after commas, colons, and semicolons within sentences. Insert two spaces after punctuation marks that end sentences.

Alignment: Justified

Paragraph Spacing: 0 pt before and 6 pt after.

Order of Pages: Title Page, Abstract, Body, References, Footnotes, Tables, Figures,Appendixes.

Total Page Numbers: Maximum 7500 words.

References: According to the APA (American Psychological Association) Referencing System.

Format: Full papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx). Pdf: not accepted

Language: English

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